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Antilia apartments are located in the cosmopolitan municipality of Platanias in the Northwest side of the coastal road .The apartments are build in the historic, traditional Village of Tavronitis on a hill side overlooking the river banks of Tavronitis river and the village itself. Antilia impresses every visitor with its unique architecture, extensive gardens but most of all with the breathtaking views of the turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea that stretches all the way from Spatha Peninsula to Thodorou Island and Akrotiri.Antilia is a small property which consists of 20 high quality apartments, build in three small individual units. All units are surrounded by jasmine and bunganvilleas, set up on a hill side, only 250m from the main road in a patchwork of colors, with the impressive White Mountains on its background and the dark blue sea of the Aegean in the front. The three units are separated by pretty flower filled gardens full of roses, geraniums and hibiscus. A swimming pool (20m x 8m) the color of lapis lazuli is set to a large panoramic terrace. All around the pool area are beautiful flower pots filled with colorful geraniums and roses, making it the ideal place to relax and sunbathe and this is certainly the best place on the coast, from which to watch the sunset over Spatha’s peninsula.A welcoming snack bar with a large panoramic terrace is provided on site, offering snacks, refreshments, cocktails and breakfast for all the guests. Barbeques are also organized quite often with plenty of food and local wine which incidentally comes straight from the barrels of Antilia’s cellar.

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